Sohail and Arbaaz concerned over economic slowdown, Salman reassures that their pocket money won't be affected

22, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

With experts saying that the pandemic will have large scale economic impact, there are widespread concerns over slowdown in the country.

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Bollywood too is not exempt. There were concerns among many stars over what would happen over the next couple of months.

Insiders say that Sohail and Arbaaz are spending sleepless nights worrying over the possibility of their pocket money being slashed by Salman.

Speaking to Faking News, our reporter stationed outside Galaxy Apartment said, “The two actors were seen at the apartment last weekend. Initially it was thought that they were just spending time with family and probably participating in PMs Sunday task. But it seems there were lengthy discussion over pocket money provided by Salman.”

As per a report by, many in the Khan household depend on Salman for their salary, which also includes bodyguard Shera. The report also stated that an economic downturn could lead to layoffs in the household.

Govt welcomed Salman’s humanitarian gesture. While  addressing the nation PM Modi mentioned how the actor had not only ensure the pocket money of his siblings but helped stem unemployment rate in the country.