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Son wonders why his elderly father is obsessed with watching Baghban

01, Aug 2017 By @jurnoleast

It was another frustrating moment for Ravi Verma after he caught his father watching Baghban on the laptop in spite of both reaching an agreement that the movie won’t be watched in their house.

Speaking to Faking News Ravi said, “I don’t know why most senior citizens are so obsessed with that movie. My father never misses it whenever they show it on Set Max.”

When questioned as to why he forbids his parents from watching Baghban, he replied, “That movie is influencing the older generation in an unwanted way. They think that just like the characters in the movie, they too will be mis-treated by their kids.”

Ravi’s father said that he has been watching similar movies for quite some time now without anyone knowing about it thanks to the incognito mode of the browser.

He also revealed that senior citizens in his area have been sharing such movies which is hosted on a dedicated server.

Surprisingly Ravi has found support from many others who share his plight and have form an online group on Facebook to deal with the issue.

The group is planning to write a formal letter to Information and Broadcasting Ministry to reduce the frequency of Baghban on TV channels. “We will also ask the Dept. of Telecom to block online access to the movie, just like they did to Torrents,” said a member.