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Son refuses to disclose engineering exam marks to his father, says he's protected by Right to Privacy

25, Aug 2017 By @jurnoleast

The Supreme Court verdict on Right to Privacy has been hailed by all, but it has become a headache for Mr. Arora after his son refused to reveal the marks he obtained in his exams. Mr. Arora, who is a Govt servant, has been wanting to know as to how his son Karan fared in the final semester of his engineering course.

Karan however has been throwing excuses at his father trying to avoid revealing his marks. Todays SC verdict has given him a permanent weapon to deal with all the prodding from his father.

Speaking to Faking News Mr. Arora said, “Badi mushkil se engineering mein admission mili hai aur ye hai ke marks bhi nahi bata raha. Arre itna toh bata deta ki pass hua ya fail. Everytime I ask him, he accuses me of invading his privacy.”

Loan liya hai bank se tere padhai ke liye. Woh bharega kaun ..tera baap,” screamed Mr. Arora, making sure that his son in the next room heard it loud and clear.

Many others parents are facing the same issue and have now decided to approach the Supreme Court to exempt marks obtained in exams from Right to Privacy.

Experts say that such issues are bound to crop up and a legal team should have looked at all possible implications before pronouncing it as fundamental right.