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Sonia Gandhi to write Dr. Manmohan Singh's autobiography, before he writes one

31, Jul 2014 By mrbhat

New Delhi. Shattered by a series of books written by the Congressmen and the former Government insiders, Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi has reportedly decided to be preemptive this time.

Manmohan Singh
A ticking bomb?

After hearing the rumors that the next book is going to be by the former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Congress President has decided to write the book herself so that there is no controversy next time.

“Both the books, by Sanjaya Baru and Natwar Singh, now confirm that Sonia Gandhi was controlling the government like no one else controlled the PMO earlier, so it’s no more a secret,” a Congress insider confirmed the incident to Faking News.

“She has decided to take control of Dr. Singh again and write an autobiography on his behalf, just like decision were taken earlier,” the insider explained.

Party believes that since it’s been just a few weeks since Dr. Singh has been out of office, he might still be in the “remote control mode”, and any more delay could make him independent, thus increasing the risk of a book written by himself.

This Faking News reporter later talked to the former PM about this, to which he replied, “theek hai!” confirming the Congress party’s belief about his current mode.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Sonia Gandhi has asked her close confidante Ahmed Patel to find out who else in the party is spending more time on MS Word than on Twitter. Patel has been asked to delete such manuscripts before they are attached and mailed to publishers.