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Sonia Gandhi upset with President for not giving ‘Bravery Awards’ to those joining Congress

27, Jan 2015 By 0mar Abdullah

New Delhi. After Kejriwal getting angry over Republic Day snub, now Sonia Gandhi is upset that her proposal of giving these bravery awards on Republic Day was rejected by President.

“How dare you dont give them bravery awards?”

The Congress President had launched a membership drive to increase dwindling number of Congress supporters across the country.

Sources close to the party President tell Faking News that Sonia aims to make Congress membership more prestigious than a BJP or AAP membership in Delhi.

“Sonia Ji has decided to give special Bravery Awards to these new members,” revealed an aide of the Congress Party while thanking the vision of Rajiv Gandhi, “Bravery means standing against all odds. If someone is willing to join our Party, it symbolizes bravery.”

“And anyone who shows even little bit of eagerness to contest against Kiran Bedi and or Arvind Kejriwal will be given ‘Rajiv Gandhi Veerta’ award,” he added.

However, Pranab Mukherjee, a former Congressman and supposed to be a family loyalist, didn’t give any award to anyone joining Congress. A spokesman from President’s House refused to comment on the issue, though some reports say that the President couldn’t find any candidate for the proposed award.

Earlier Congress had tried to reach the youth of India via the ‘Missed Call’ scheme to make them members of the party, but sources say that every call was promptly received by Rahul Gandhi, thus no missed calls were registered and no new members were made.