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Post press conference over tweet, Sonu Nigam says 'loudspeakers are any day better than bunch of noisy news reporters'

19, Apr 2017 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Singer Sonu Nigam who expressed his views over loudspeakers being used for morning prayers has today apologized for his comment and said that loudspeakers are any day better than noisy news reporters.


Speaking to Faking News, Sonu said, “I called the media to clear the air over my comments. But just a few minutes after the interaction started I realized that the early morning prayers over loudspeakers is pleasing to the ears listening to a news reporter ask questions. Thanks to their cacophony, my ears are still ringing. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep for a for weeks now.”

As reporters started screaming and howling in the press conference, private security guards jumped in to control the situation. Sources say that a news reporter was rendered bald after his hair were pulled out by another from a rival news channel. “Sonu Nigam ka mumdan dekhne aaya tha. Yahan mera hi ho gaya,” the bald reporter rued.

People from both communities joined hands and urged media persons to maintain peace. “I think the issue is of freedom of expression and we should not paint it with a communal brush. We urge the media to calm down,” said a sane voice from minority community.