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Special edition of MTV Splitsvilla with leaders from BJP and Shiv Sena as participants: Sources

19, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

The show which has young men and women finding perfect partners while performing challenging tasks, will now having participants from political parties.


Leaders from BJP and Shiv Sena will be part of the show, which will be shot over the next couple of weeks. Sources say that both Devendra Fadnavis and Sanjay Raut have expressed interest in being part of the show, which is expected to put and end to the impasse over the CM’s post in Maharashtra.

“Maharashtra Governor has given his nod and the the parties that complete the challenges and reach the final stage as ‘couple’ will form the Govt in Maharashtra,” said a source from Shiv Sena.

There were also speculations that Congress and NCP could also be part of the show. “There is no conformation on their participation yet. But we would like them to be a part of the contest. We would like to explore as many options are possible,” the source added.

Though political parties are game for the contest, Shiv Sena had earlier expressed apprehension over Amit Shah influencing the final results. Those fears were allayed after Amit Shah gave his assurance that he anyway didn’t understand the concept of Splitsvilla so he wouldn’t be associated with it in anyway.

“I will not watch it even if there is nothing better to watch on TV. I’d rather watch re-runs of earlier elections results to entertain myself,” he said while speaking to our reporter.