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Special local train for HR executives in Mumbai as the rush increases during appraisal time

16, Mar 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

HR managers and directors generally determine everything from the level of performance standards the company can expect its employees to achieve what percent salary increase is reasonable for various performance levels. HR plays an essential role in performance appraisal and that is the reason the rush increases in Mumbai. All HR managers who visit their office less frequently start going to office regularly during the month of March. Western Railway understood the importance of HR executives reaching office on time in March and has planned a special local train for all HRs.


Just like the ladies special, the HR local will be totally dedicated to a certain class of people i.e the HR executives. People who have HR department written on their I-Cards will be able to board this special local. Companies across Mumbai have thanked Western Railway for this amazing gesture and are pretty sure that the special train will make it easy for all HR executives to be present in office to evaluate other employees.

Faking News spoke to Sanil Jain who heads the HR department at a Startup and he had this to say,” Generally there is no need of HR employees in a company for 11 months, but the scenario completely changes during the month of March when we become the most important employees of the organization. The career of so many employees depends on what the HR team does in March. So in a way we take care of the 11 months by working hard in the month of March. In Mumbai, many times my team members take leave as they are not able to board crowded locals, so I would like to thank Western Railways for coming out with an innovative solution.”