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After spending all Govt resources on hosting William and Kate, Imran to visit China again next month to ask for funds 

16, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Cash strapped Govt of Pakistan has somehow managed to smile through the financial pinch it suffered by hosting the British Royals. Insiders say that all their resources( read financial) has been exhausted by just a single visit of William and Kate, evoking concerns from citizens yet again over state of economy.


PM Imran Khan however reassured the citizens that all is well and he’d be traveling to China soon to ask for more funds and tide over any impending economic crisis.

Many were wondering the rationale behind hosting the royals and if it could be avoided when citizens are struggling to have one decent meal a day. There were also concerns whether the second round of funding from China would be put to good use.

While responding to specific questions by the media, the Pak PM said the funds this time will definitely be used for the welfare of the people. That did not cut any ice with critics who claimed that Imran’s approval rating was at an all time low in the country.

Imran was not too bothered about the awaam losing faith in his idea of Naya Pakistan and if they will trust him this time around. “They  have to, I mean I am handsome so they have to believe everything I have to say. And if opposition parties want to criticize me, they should first find someone more good looking than I am,” he said while responding to critics.