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Sri Lankan cheerleaders found better than Sri Lankan weather

22, Sep 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Colombo, Sri Lanka. Cheerleaders employed for the ongoing ICC World T20 cup have been found to be better than the weather in the country. Earlier, these cheerleaders, none of whom were added as a friend on Facebook by Pakistani umpire Asad Rauf, were criticized for not being good enough.

WT20 cheerleaders (ICC/Getty images)
Cheerleaders celebrating being shown on television

“We thought they were the worst thing to happen to the tournament, worse than Ireland or Zimbabwe,” said Ramesh, a cricket fan, referring to the World Cup cheerleaders, who neither held any pompom nor wore any attractive outfit as is usually the case with cheerleaders seen during sporting events.

“With Malinga being the event ambassador of the tournament, we thought the cheerleaders would be given pompoms shaped like Malinga’s hair,” Ramesh added, “But it seems that instead of pompoms, they have chosen pom-pom girls like Malinga!”

However, Ramesh conceded that the cheerleaders were not as bad as Sri Lanka’s weather, which turned a 20-20 match into 7-7 match earlier today, and forced Duckworth-Lewis method into the second match.

“The weather sucks!” Ramesh said, “Is Sri Lanka trying to showcase its climatic diversity instead of showcasing its bio-diversity, which they could have done by hiring better cheerleaders?”

Not only fans, even cricketers claim that the World T20 cheerleaders were better than Sri Lankan weather.

“In fact, our team management and Afridi bhai are happy with these cheerleaders,” Pakistan captain Mohammad Hafeez told Faking News, “We are confident that our players won’t be ogling at these girls during the match and concentrate on their games instead.”