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Steve Bucknor praises Navjot Sidhu for taking forever before making a decision on his career

18, Aug 2016 By Pagal Patrakar

Jamaica: West Indian umpire Steve Bucknor has praised former test cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu for taking so long to decide on whether he should join AAP and fight Punjab assembly elections on their election symbol of a Jhadoo. Bucknor was known to take decisions after long deliberations, an art that was lost with his retirement.

Steve Bucknor bowing down to Sidhu

However, with Sidhu taking too long to take a decision, the art of delayed decision is back and Bucknor, who was given nickname of “slow death” for being a fine practitioner, is happy with the development.

“Fools rush in, while wise men take their time. Time is like per capita GDP, the more the merrier!” Steve Bucknor said, justifying delayed decision by Sidhu, and further proving that he was way too happy with Sidhu.

Apart from praising Sidhu for taking hell lot of time to decide, the former umpire revealed that perhaps he should have taken more time in that 1996 cricket match when he had declared Sidhu LBW out after thinking for 11 seconds only.

Sources tell Faking News that Bucknor had started thinking in July end that he should praise Sidhu for taking so long to make a decision. After due deliberations, he made the decision to praise Sidhu today.