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Story of Dhoni’s biopic leaked, reveals Dhoni’s secret twin who plays Test cricket

25, Sep 2014 By geesundar

Mumbai. In a Dhoom-3 style shocking revelation, the story of Dhoni’s planned biopic has revealed the existence of a secret twin, who has played Test matches for India, under MS Dhoni’s name.

MS Dhoni’s biopic titled “MS Dhoni, the untold story” with Sushant Singh Rajput in the lead, was unveiled yesterday with a lot of fanfare.

Secret revealed.

The unusual title of the movie created a lot of speculation about the story of the movie among fans worldwide. Early rumours had suggested that the movie might be based on Dhoni’s untold confessions to the Supreme Court on the IPL scandal.

However, Faking News has confirmed today that the biopic is about the existence of a secret twin of MS Dhoni, who played Test cricket for India under Dhoni’s name after the 0-8 drubbing in England and Australia.

Dhoni was supposedly pretty upset after the 0-8 drubbing in tests that he decided to unveil his secret twin MS Srini, to play Test cricket.

While MS Dhoni kept winning international tournaments in the shorter versions of the game, MS Srini kept losing in Test cricket.

The movie also shows MS Dhoni playing the 2011 World Cup final and MS Srini carrying the trophy next day in front of the Taj Mahal, explaining the difference in hairstyle of Dhoni between the two days.

This revelation has left cricketers and fans world over shocked. N Srinivasan, the only person aware of the twin other than the MS Dhoni family, refused to comment.

So, the next time you find the Indian cricket captain visibly uninterested in Test cricket, you know whom to blame.