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Stuck in Bengaluru traffic for hours, accident victim abandons ambulance and walks his way to the hospital

06, Dec 2017 By @jurnoleast

A 25 year old accident victim who was being taken to a hospital decided to abandon his ambulance after it was stuck for hours at a traffic nightmare called Silk Board junction.

Sujit Nair, an IT employee, was on his way to work when he lost control of his bike thanks to the pothole which he failed to navigate.

Though Sujit escaped with minor bruises, bystanders called an ambulance and urged him to get a checkup done to rule out any internal injuries. It was from this moment when his ordeal actually began.

“I got myself in the ambulance and was administered first aid. No sooner we covered some distance, I realized that we were stuck in a jam. I thought people would make way for the ambulance. But even then we managed to cover a few feet only. The pain from the injury paled in comparison to the frustration of being stuck  in a jam. That’s when I decided to walk all the way to the  hospital,” Sujit said while speaking to our reporter.

His decision proved to be a wise one after it was found that the ambulance finally crawled its way to the hospital after 5 hours.

The incident has once again raised questions about the traffic menace in the city in addition the poor condition of roads. Civic authorities however brushed it away by saying that such things keep happening in big cities.