Students found copying in engineering exam, say they were just indulging in some 'pariksha pe charcha'

20, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

It is not the type of charcha that PM Modi was speaking of when he addressed 2000 students and teachers today. The incident occurred at a regional engineering college in Delhi.

Around 10 students from the mechanical engineering department were caught copying in their semester exams. Invigilator spotted these students discussing the exam paper among themselves and when confronted came up with the excuse that they were inspired by PM Modi’s message and were just indulging in some ‘pariksha pe charcha’.

“I saw these students brazenly sharing answers among themselves. Several warnings from my end didn’t seem to have any effect on them. And when I hauled them up, they came up with the cheeky response,” said the invigilator.

When the invigilator asked the boys to hand over their sheets, they went belligerent and chanted ‘kagaz nahi dikhayenge‘.

School authorities has taken cognizance of the incident and quantum of punishment would be decided for the ones found guilty, revealed an insider.