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Study suggests "Hindu males" responsible for global warming

19, Mar 2015 By narad

New Delhi. In what could be a big blow to the government, a scholarly study done by a popular British media outlet RBC has found that Hindu males were responsible for global warming.

Hindu man praying to river
When told he was responsible for global warming

It also said that situation has worsened after the Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister.

“It is a matter of grave concern,” said Peslie Budwin, the director of the study. She told Faking News in an exclusive interview that the study, which has spanned over 3 years, took into account contributing factors such as eating with hands, use of water after pooing, and many other atrocious things.

“I have seen such hatred for nature here,” she said, adding “It is a sick society.”

Acrimonious arguments broke out when a correspondent of another newspaper pointed out that the per-capita carbon footprint of Westerners was more than that of Indians. Things calmed down when Budwin offered Rs 40,000 to him. But a similar demand of Rs 2 lakh by this correspondent was outrightly turned down after which the exclusive interview was abruptly terminated.

The study has created flutter across Lutyen’s Delhi. A popular activist and TV debater Bhola Pratap Singh wrote an open letter to all “Hindu males” in which he said that “The study has held up a mirror to India.”

He expressed concern and said, “As if India were not enough you have started hurting the whole whole world”. He added that he felt “ashamed to call himself an Indian”.