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Subramanian Swamy touted to be the Minorities' Affairs minister in the Modi cabinet

15, May 2014 By Pen10

New Delhi. As the exit polls for the 2014 General Elections predict a thumping win for the NDA, speculations have begun on who will be included in the Modi cabinet.

However, Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s name as the Minorities’ Affairs Minister is said to be confirmed according to sources exclusively accessed by Faking News.

Swamy addressing a press confrence.

“We could not think of anyone better for the job,” said one of our sources, “No one in the country knows the minorities better than Dr. Swamy. He even has a list of all minorities who had Hindu ancestors.”

When asked what his agenda would be when he becomes a minister, the source said that his top priority would be to disenfranchise all minorities who do not accept their Hindu ancestry. He has reportedly already drafted a Constitutional Amendment Bill to bring this into effect.

People close to Mr. L.K. Advani however pointed out a problem. Dr. Swamy has not contested the 2014 general elections. He therefore has to get elected in a by-election to either house of the Parliament within 6 months of assuming office.

However Dr. Swamy is undecided if he should first contest a by-election and then disenfranchise the minorities or first disenfranchise the minorities and then contest a by-election with the remaining voters.

The chicken and egg problem that Dr. Swamy is in is reportedly causing a lot of sleepless nights in the BJP camp.

Dr. Swamy was not available for comments as he was busy filing a PIL against Faking News at the time of writing this report.