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Such insults won’t deter me from digesting further insults: Manmohan Singh

27, Sep 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New York, USA. After Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi publicly humiliated Dr. Manmohan Singh by calling an ordinance cleared by his government as “complete nonsense”, Dr. Singh has said that such insults won’t hamper his spirit.

Manmohan Singh
Dr. Manmohan Singh reacts to Rahul Gandhi’s latest statements

“Although I live in Delhi, I have the Mumbai spirit,” the putative Prime Minister of India told Faking News, “This indeed is an insult, but I can sustain and survive millions of such insults.”

When asked how did he summon so much courage and fortitude to keep up with such level of public humiliation, the alleged Prime Minister of India credited the Vice President of Congress for his indomitable spirit.

“When Rahul ji said that ‘power is poison’, I knew that I’ve to be ready to swallow poison. I am doing it and I thank the leadership of Rahul Gandhi ji for giving me this courage,” the Chairman of the Planning Commission said.

The person whose picture is displayed along with Sonia Gandhi’s pictures in most of the government advertisements further insisted that Rahul Gandhi’s act didn’t undermine the sanctity or authority of the post of the Prime Minister of India.

“See, Rahul ji could have said that ‘shame that a bunch of idiots led by a nincompoop have come up with such piece of crap’, but he didn’t say anything like that,” he claimed.

“But one thing more,” Dr. Singh said as Faking News tried to end the interview, “The sanctity and authority of the post will increase manifold if Rahul Gandhi ji graces it.”