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Supreme Court asks Sanjay Raut to keep quiet for sometime and let leaders of Shiv Sena and BJP decide on govt formation 

05, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

With both BJP and Shiv Sena locking horns over who will be the CM of Maharashtra, there seems to be no end to the bickering between the two parties. And adding fuel to the fire are daily statements from Saamna Editor Sanjay Raut.


All that is now set to change after Supreme Court has asked Mr. Raut to give his vocal chords some much deserved rest and let leaders of both parties find a solution through discussions.

The Saamna Editor has been relentless with his daily comments, on behalf of his party, to have a Shiv Sainik as the CM of Maharashtra. SC termed it as noise pollution and pointed that it was unwanted at a time when a major portion of the country was grappling with air pollution.

“Mr. Raut has made his point of view pretty clear and now he should just keep quiet. It is understood that both parties want their CM in Maharashtra. But his rants are unwanted and unnecessary,” the Judge pointed out.

Home Minister Amit Shah welcomed the Court’s decision and said, “Matbhed hona tandurust gatbandhan ki nisani hai. Baat cheet se hi iss mamale ka hal nikalge. Lekin koi Sanjay Rautji ka muh band karo.

Not particularly happy with SC’s reprimand, Mr. Raut said that he will observe a maun vrat for the time being. But will continue using sign language to get his message of having Sainik as CM across till it becomes a reality.