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Tamil movie producer hospitalized as his new movie faces no protest

04, Nov 2014 By HariHaravelan

Chennai: Ravi Subramaniam, the notable Tamil movie producer was hospitalized earlier today after panic attacks, as his recently produced Tamil film appears to be releasing on the scheduled date without any protest from any political outfit.

Producer was expecting something like this.

Subramaniam’s last two movies had tough time releasing as several political outfits and organizations were asking for ban on those for various reasons.

Some guys had filed cases against the movies, claiming the stories of the movies were inspired from their lives, even though both the movies have none.

Expressing his views on the matter, the hospitalized producer said, “I’ve scheduled the release date of this film without completing post production works. I was anticipating some protests or some cases against the movie from someone, so that we could postpone the release date and do the post production works in the meantime.”

“However, there was no protest from any outfit even ten days before the release. I thought, this could be a prelude to a bigger protest. But nothing of that sort happened. I begged many outfits to protest, but they asked for frees larger than my film budget,” he revealed in a depressed tone.

“I had also hired a legal team to deal with the cases by anticipating that there’d be something against the movie. I’ve almost no money left and now I may not be able to release my movie as originally planned,” the producer told Faking News.

While the producer is recovering in the hospital, this move by the relentless protesters of the random causes has put the Tamil Cinema Industry in big confusion.