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Tarun Tejpal applies for Anticipatory Parole fearing his wife may fall sick

09, Dec 2013 By Vipul K Rawal

Panjim. The Goa Police were flabbergasted today when they received an application from Tarun Tejpal for “Anticipatory Parole” on the grounds that his wife may fall sick.

Speaking to Faking News on conditions of anonymity, a senior police officer from Goa police confirmed this incident.

Tarun Tejpal
He was waiting for those cameras to move away before making his next move?

“Looks like his lawyers saw Sanjay Dutt getting parole on similar grounds and they thought this could be a way to get Tejpal out of custody,” a police officer said.

When contacted, Tejpal’s Lawyer Sandeep Kapoor too confirmed the move. “If we can have anticipatory bail, why not Anticipatory Parole?” he argued.

When this reporter expressed surprised at the reason given – wife may fall sick – Kapoor said, “That’s the whole point of anticipation. You may get arrested, so you apply for anticipatory bail. Tejpal might fall for other women, but he loves his wife very much and he’s sure she may fall sick.”

Experts say that with Tejpal’s case getting out of media focus, his lawyers are using such tricks that would have earlier fallen under Arnab’s jurisdiction.

“He had option of chest pain, but he didn’t go for that fearing public backlash. Now he can use such tricks,” an expert claimed.

Latest reports say that local NSUI leaders have supported this demand of Tarun Tejpal.