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Tata Sky was working fine so we thought there is no rain: Mumbai Weather dept on failing to predict yesterday's rains

05, Jun 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Bad weather is always a problem for DTH connections. When it starts raining heavily, the weather interferes with the satellite signal creating problems in the transmission. And people having a Tata Sky connection are pretty aware of these issues. In fact, Tata Sky has never failed to predict rains, until yesterday of course. Yesterday in Mumbai when the city was drenched in rains, each and every Tata Sky connection was working fine. This made the weather dept confident that it is just a passing shower, but it was not.


The weather dept has registered a complaint with the Tata Sky authorities to get the issue fixed ASAP as forecasting will take a beating if Tata Sky connections are not interrupted during the rains. Faking News reporter spoke to Shwetank Srivastava who is in charge of the forecasting department of the BMC and he had this to say, ” We work very hard to predict the pattern of rains in Mumbai. Full day, I and my workers are glued to the TV sets having a Tata Sky connection. Every time there is a disruption we soon issue a warning. It is not a joke to watch TV for the full day but we have to do it for the citizens. Even a gap of 5 minutes in our viewing can create havoc. But yesterday was a different case when the signal was not interrupted in heavy rains so we didn’t issue any warnings. But we are in constant talks with the Tata Sky technicians and are sure that the issue will be resolved soon.”

Till the issue is resolved, my advice to all Mumbaikars would be to stay safe and stay informed, for Tata Sky is by no means the only reliable source of weather forecast anymore.