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Techie gets go-ahead for Ladakh trip after he assures his manager that he can work from there

10, May 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: It has been more than two years since Bengaluru based techie, Nagarjuna S bought a thunderbird 500 cc. It seems his unfulfilled dream of visiting Leh-Ladakh on his bike will become a reality this summer after he successfully ‘convinced’ his manager.20121012123806_Autocar-India_Royal-Enfield-Thunderbird-500_Review (1)

He assured his manager that there will be no impact on the tasks assigned to him as well as what will be assigned to him during the trip as Leh-Ladakh region as well as the route he is taking has necessity infrastructure to work from there.

Super excited Nagarjuna S while speaking to us, said, “My manager is a tough guy. As long as you notify him in advance and more importantly on your past record of attending to his calls on time, he will not have much qualms in giving you permission. Due to my past record, few days back on my fiance’s birthday, he allowed me to leave office early around 11 PM, so that I was able to join her for cake cutting and dinner”.

Nagarjuna said, “Convincing him for ten days of working from road, was not an easy task for me. He asked me to submit a detailed plan and route I would take, which mobile phone I am carrying, how much battery backup my phone has, how many power banks I am carrying with me. Most important question for him was, does my telecom service provider has pan India presence, especial the route I am taking and how good is their signal strength in Leh-Ladakh terrain”

“Even after all this he was not convinced. I had to arrange a special ‘demo’ for him. One of my friend recently went to Leh-Ladakh on a trip. I showed a demo to my manager, how he was reachable on skype and on his phone, so easily, then only he allowed me to go-ahead”, said Nagarjuna S.

Nagarjuna added, “However, little bit of ‘price’ I am paying to make my unfulfilled dream a reality. My manager told me, this year I have to accept a ‘average’ appraisal rating as four weekends in last one year I have taken off and in comparison, he told about another guy called Sahil Gadgil who has not even taken washroom breaks during office core working hours for which he got above average rating”.