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Techies form new state of ISIT, imposing "C Sharp" and ".NET" on all people using Java

19, Sep 2014 By quirkyindian

Bangalore. In a surprise move, techies have taken over the cities of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Noida and Gurgaon and created the state of ISIT (International State of Internet and Technology) and have demanded a different rule of law.

ISIT logo.

Under the banner “There is no platform except .NET and MSN is its messenger”, these techies have rebelled from the mainstream techies association called All-Techia to form a hardline group which is notorious for cutting cucumbers and posting it live on internet.

“Earlier, people used to mock us, now they have to respect us. C Sharp is the best language. The purpose of our life is clear, to impose .NET over all platforms as we find it superior to all platforms. We have taken people coding in Java as hostages. Anyway, they were already enslaved by greedy IT companies and there is nothing new in their enslavement,” said Ramesh Kode Muthaiya, one of the ISIT activists.

Jal-Jeera TV interviewed their boss and mastermind of ISIT, Mr. Veer-al-Mysoori, who said, “The main enemies of .NET are open source guys. They are enemies of the cause of .NET and MSN messenger. The newer Android based messengers like WhatsApp are nothing in compare to MSN messenger.”

Thousands of engineering students are dropping out of engineering colleges to join ISIT.

A mother of one such engineering student revealed that he was a regular visitor of MSDN forums. “It was there he got indoctrinated by hardline ideology,” she added.

Meanwhile when contacted by Faking News, government appeared as clueless as a serious person on Twitter.