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Television sets get permanent image of Narendra Modi

10, Apr 2013 By Achu Pichu

New Delhi. The national consumer forum of India today directed all the TV manufacturers to replace TV sets that have been displaying a permanent image of Narendra Modi even after they are switched off.

NaMo NaMo everywhere
A defective TV set

Sources confirm that consumer forums across the country have received thousands of complaints over the past few weeks in this regard.

“It’s called LCD burning in technical terms,” said an official from a television company, “It happens very rarely only when excessive projection of the same image is displayed for an unduly prolonged duration. We have made very vast technology improvements over the past decade and thought we solved this problem once for all till this issue surfaced.”

“It’s unfair to blame the manufacturers for this problem,” said another manufacturer, “The units are not tested for extreme conditions such as what’s happening now and the broadcast companies should be made accountable!”

Meanwhile all consumers have been advised to switch on and off between Discovery channel and news channels to make sure that such damage is averted.