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Thousands delete their accounts after Linkedin adds a new feature to endorse professionals for "office politics"

06, May 2015 By Beer & Biryani

California, USA. Well known professional networking service Linkedin has released an interesting feature on its website that allows professionals to endorse others for “office politics”, a skill of great significance in the current professional world.

We spoke to the media interaction team of Linkedin, who explained to us the story behind developing this feature.

“Everyone in today’s professional world builds an image that is full of glitter only in limited aspects. Considering the real time work of a professional, a few factors still remain unaccounted for. Some examples include emotional quotient, office politics etc. As per our recently conducted survey, office politics ranked highest among all factors influencing employee-employer compatibility. We thought it was time we introduced office politics as a skill-set, up for endorsement under an all new behavioral section. We wish for success of this feature and expect it to help the employment world in the best possible way,” said Linkie Seth as everyone in the hall gave the team a huge round of applause.

“A sample profile with latest endorsements.”

Meanwhile, it was found that many users across the world especially from the sub-continent started deleting their accounts to save their faces owing to a large number of “office politics” endorsements and consequent societal obligations.

Sources say, introduction of this feature has diverted the Facebook traffic of young professionals towards Linkedin as they seem to be on a rampaging endorsement spree.