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Times Now exploring hashtag branding, #RupaBanianEndVIPRacism could be latest ad on TV

08, Jul 2015 By Venkat Parthasarathy

Mumbai: #FevicolLalitGate Quite a mazboot bonding, the product, the hashtag and the news channel, How would that be for selling a product with a hashtag that is trending on a news channel for the past month now?

Arnab asking all viewers to tweet using the hashtag #RupaBanianEndVIPRacism
Arnab asking all viewers to tweet using the hashtag #RupaBanianEndVIPRacism

While Times Now can rake in the moolah with innovative branding avenues, the products too can identify fancy hashtags being floated by news channels that have a characteristic to push their product’s branding further.

Sample these:









Meanwhile digital media marketing consultants have welcomed the revolutionary move by Times Now and a premier management institute in Ahmedabad has even planned to start a specialization course for Post Graduate Diploma in Hashtag Branding and Digital Marketing with Arnab Goswami as their honorary Director and consulting faculty.

Alternatively competitor news channels have also cashed in on the hashtag branding opportunity and have devised their own innovative ones.

Rahul Kanwal was seen retorting to Arnab’s over the top shouting with his own #ArnabNoise which was soon lapped up by the popular outdoor loudspeaker brand Ahuja as #AhujaSpeakersArnabNoise.