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To attract tourists from India, France builds wax statue of Maria Sharapova near Eiffel Tower

09, Jun 2014 By idiot420

Paris. Encouraged by the reactions of people, especially Indian Twitter users, to Maria Sharapova’s photo shoot pictures near Eiffel Tower, French government has decided to build Sharapova’s wax statue near Eiffel Tower. The step is aimed at attracting tourists from India.

“After seeing Indians reacting so enthusiastically, we thought, why not make Sharapova a permanent feature near Eiffel Tower,” French PM Manuel Valls told Faking News.

Maria Sharapova
Eiffel Tower with Maria Sharapova.

Experts are seeing it as a well calculated move by the French government to boost tourism in France.

“Growing Indian middle class is a big market, and their obsession with beauty  is what French government is targeting at,” explained Anil Gupta, a business analyst.

“Eiffel Tower, which has been a preferred destination among married couples, could now be flooded with bachelors from India,” Mr Gupta predicted.

“Don’t get surprised if it replaces Thailand’s Pattaya,” he said.

Sources tell Faking News that after hearing the news, many excited Indians have already started their preparation to visit Eiffel Tower. Self proclaimed celebrity and global citizen KRK has sold off all his property and vowed to settle down in Paris, latest reports suggest.

Meanwhile back home, taking a cue from French government, UP CM Akhilesh Yadav has decided to build Sharapova statues near all major tourist destinations in his state after demolishing Mayawati statues.

Ladkon ko achha lagega,” said Mulayam Singh Yadav supporting his son’s decision.