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To increase voter turnout, government gives voting rights to court cases older than 18 years

28, Sep 2014 By geesundar

New Delhi. In an unprecedented move, the government has announced voting rights to court cases older than 18 years. This has reportedly been done in a bid to improve the dwindling voter turnout in elections.

Lalu’s reaction to the news.

Speaking to Faking News, Scamander Singh, a spokesperson of the government said, “India, despite having huge voting population, suffers from low voter turnouts across the country. To improve these voter turnouts, government has decided to provide voting rights to all court cases pending for more than 18 years. Right now, we have close to 30 million pending cases, out of which close to 10 million cases are older than 18 years. These 10 million cases with voting rights will surely add to the low voter turnout.”

“For all the cases with voting rights, any of the judges who have sat on any hearing on the case, can vote on its behalf. This landmark decision will enable us to rightly use these pending cases to our advantage,” Mr. Scam Singh further added.

Following this decision, Facebook and Twitter have also started allowing profiles for court cases older than 15 years, as advocated by their terms of conditions.

Now, it is not long before we see the Saradha Chit Fund Scam case vote for Mamata Banerjee or the Disproportionate Assets Case vote for Jayalalithaa, thus scams paying off electorally.