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To lure software engineers, gym offers "Workout from Home" option

04, Jan 2015 By nosuchperson

Mumbai. January 2015 is finally here, and the demand for gym memberships have skyrocketed yet again. To capitalize on the opportunity, gyms have come up with innovative Marketing Campaigns to attract customers.

Dumbbells for Dumbbells (DfD), a leading fitness franchise in Bangalore, with over 20 gyms across the city has come up with a lucrative idea to encourage the large market of Software Engineers in Bangalore to fulfill their New Year Resolution.

All this at comfort of home now!
All this at comfort of home now!

Similar to The “Work from Home” option provided by IT firms, DfD is offering “Workout from Home” option to Software Engineers.

The concept of WFH has already proven to increase productivity among engineers in IT firms.

“Customers will be allowed to work under the guidance of their Personal Trainers through Skype,” said H.D. Pehlwan Kumar, the manager of the Chandra Layout branch of DfD gym, “Customers can borrow dumbbells and other small equipment home for a day, to facilitate workouts.”

The idea has already created a great buzz on social media, and over 1200 software professionals in Bangalore have already registered for the scheme.

“This is the best scheme for me,” said an elated Sunil Kapoor who works for TCS, “My wife keeps nagging me to turn my ‘family pack’ into a ‘six pack’. With this WFH option, I don’t even need to leave the comfort of my house.”

Other fitness centers such as GoldPlated’s Gym are now planning to launch their own Marketing schemes such as: cab service, paid leaves, sick leaves and team outings. They hope they too can capitalize on this lucrative market segment.

For the gym aspirants in Bangalore, their New Year Resolutions may finally be fulfilled this year.