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Top 10 reactions from Indian politicians after Manchester United sacked David Moyes

24, Apr 2014 By kumarvarun19

1. Mulayam Singh Yadav: Coaches make ‘mistakes’. That doesn’t mean you fire them. My sympathies are with the ‘young’ man.

2. Abu Azmi: Any coach that talks about other teams must be hanged. His extra marital affair with Everton were well known.

David Moyes
David Moyes reacts to the reactions

3. Praveen Togadia: Manchester City fans must be evicted from the areas where United fans live. This shall help the team improve and make it a Hindu..err… United-Rashtra

4. Rahul Gandhi: This morning, I woke up at night.. to realize Moyes has been sacked. But what do we do for a man who did not empower the woman in the squad (Nani).

5. Random BJP fan: Premier League mein khaayi haar pe haar, Abki baar Modi Sarkar. Palika Bazar se fake football jerseys kharid ke ‘cool’ banne walo, janta maaf nahi karegi.

6. Giriraj Singh: I think it’s unfair. Anybody who opposed David Moyes should go and stay in Liverpool.

7. Nitish Kumar: I would ask the Football Association to give ‘special status’ to MUFC. David Moyes was anyway a communal coach. How many of his players were from the minority section?

8. LK Advani: See!! This is what happens when you replace an ‘old’ man with a ‘young’ man!!

9. Raj Thackerey: I support David Moyes. Although I don’t support Man United. Dont ask me what that means. Even I’m trying to figure it out.

10. Narendra Modi: There is a reason why Ahmedabad is known as the ‘Manchester of the East’. Once I come to power, Manchester would be renamed as ‘Ahmedabad of the West’! Garvi Gujarat! Vade Mataram!