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Doubt over success of Trump's rally after no one gets beaten up, Trump supporters beat each other to salvage the situation

27, Mar 2017 By @jurnoleast

A pro-Trump rally that was turning out to be  peaceful and risking itself at being labelled as failure by the media saw supporters beat each other up to in a bid to salvage the situation.


“There was palpable restlessness among the crowd which comprised largely of supporters of the President. Like they were waiting for anit-Trump camp to spring up from somewhere and  start chanting against the President. But that did not happen. And they decided to take matters in their own hands. Random fist fights broke out between Trump supporters,” recalled an eyewitness.

With many spending money on pepper spray and baseball bats, a scuffle was all they were waiting to get their moneys worth.

Local newspapers reported that those assembled at the rally were growing restless and seemed less interested in what the President had to say. Many were concerned that a really devoid of any ‘incident’ would look bad in the media.

Minimally talented actress Meryl Streep said that intolerance was rising in the country and wondered if she should locate elsewhere.

Since regular  rally fights are also becoming a headache for law enforcement officials, some now suggest that a WWE like stage be built for both camps to fight it out.