TVS to replace hand brakes with robust sandals in their newly launched scooty for women

06, Dec 2018 By Guest Patrakar
Mumbai: TVS is all set to bring out a new scooter model especially made for women. This model has been laced with a controversial feature – the scooter’s hand brakes have been replaced with robust sandals that will be given free with every scooty.
To know more on the controversy involved, we spoke to the CEO of TVS motors Mr Babu Bisleri. Mr Babu said, “We have seen for many years that despite being given hand brakes, girls tend to stop their scooty with their feet which often leads to damaging of their own sandals. So we have removed these hand brakes and will be giving robust sandals that will help them stop the scooty without damaging their feet and sandals.” It would also the company in reducing the manufacturing costs.
TVS had come up with a similar concept last year in their bikes but that was for boys. It had features like automatic brake application as soon as a hot girl passed by, stopping and turning around as soon as it saw a cop nearby and showing fuel meter at full when the dads checked in.
The new scooty will be launch on December 17 and will hit the showrooms on 2nd January.