Two SBI customers in Delhi trashed over suspicion of robbery after they entered the bank wearing pollution masks 

04, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

Chaotic scenes were witnessed at a South Delhi branch of SBI after two masked men entered the bank branch triggering panic among the staff. The alleged robbers were later identified as regular customers who were wearing pollution masks to escape the pollution.

pollution mask

Speaking to Faking News an eyewitness said, “It was the usual early morning rush in the bank with queue at the cashier window and staff busy with Solitaire. Two men entered the bank wearing masks and were moving towards the counter when the security pounced on them suspecting a robbery. Other staff members too joined in and trashed the suspects. It was later found that they were just regular customers with pollution masks.”

Many citizens have been dealing with the rising pollution levels with the help of masks, however this is the first time that such an incident has been reported.

Realizing its mistake the bank apologized for the incident and said that it had received a tip-off last month over robbery attempts at one of its branch in Delhi.

Delhi Govt has now issued a public service announcement asking bank customers to remove their masks before entering any bank to prevent a repeat of such incident.