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U.S. detains first time traveling Indian youth for not uploading Times Square selfie

08, Jun 2017 By Akash Vadera

It was a bizarre turn of events for 23 year old Sujeet Singh, who was on his first trip to the United States. Little did he know that his first trip was going to take a rough turn. On the night of 31st May, Sujeet Singh was detained by the U.S. officials; his crime – failing to upload his Times Square selfie.


After the whole incident, our team got hold of Sujeet Singh and here’s what he had to say “This was really unexpected. This is my first trip to the United States. Before leaving for this solo trip, I had decided that I am not going to upload any pictures, rather I had decided not to even click any pictures”. When asked why, he replied “Every trip that I have been on, in my life, it was always about the pictures. I remember once when I had forgotten my DSLR; my friends didn’t let me in our train coach. I had to travel the whole journey in the pantry car. The other trip we went on, we had clicked so many pictures, the camera exploded. So this time, I decided to go on a solo trip, that too without any pictures.” he stated.

We talked to the U.S. officials about the whole incident and here’s what they had to say “You know these incidents rarely occur. Every year, thousands of Indian youngsters travel to New York and the first thing they do after getting off the plane is clicking and uploading Times Square selfie. But when Sujeet traveled straight to his hotel, it aroused a suspicion” he said. He further added “He was on our watch just like every other living thing in America (read NSA). We were waiting for him to go to Times Square and click a selfie for social media. But he left his hotel without his phone. Also, we couldn’t see any camera in his hand. We didn’t know why he was behaving like that” they stated. “We waited and gave him a whole day to upload his Times Square selfie, but it didn’t pan out. He was just interested in visiting the tourist places and eating and drinking and he was doing all of this without clicking a single picture! Not even one! This was the alarming signal. This is when we decided to detain him” the officials said.

Sujeet was left off with a warning, but this trip has taken a toll on him. A dejected Sujeet said “Nowadays, if you enjoy things without taking a picture, people think you are a maniac. And if you don’t upload pictures, they think you are dead. I hope these things change soon” as he signs off saying he has to go click his Times Square selfie.