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UN may consider to resolve Hrithik-Kangana dispute

09, Oct 2017 By AdityaSachan

‘Yes it is true! Hrithik-Kangana dispute has become important, far-stretched and seems to have no end. Similar to many border disputes of countries. This dispute also seems to have no end,’ says anonymous source from United Nations.

‘We help governments and countries around the world to resolve their issues. Recently we again tried to resolve the dispute between India and Pakistan. And we don’t want this to happen in case of Hrithik-Kangana. We want to improve our track record of resolving disputes. And since this dispute now gets equal importance and attention, we thought to give it a try,’ source added further.

‘We already have dedicated team to make new (read: fake) evidences. Our advanced computer technology and focused team of Non-IITians and Non-IIMs illiterates work day and night for this. If asked, we will definitely try to help Hrithik-Kangana. And now world knows how much we specialize in giving evidences to UN’, said spokesperson from PIGLET ( Pakistan Institute of Generating Legal Evidences Technology)

We tried to inquire about this from Kangana and Hrithik. Both will e-mail their comments soon.