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Unable to find an audio he can agree with, Arnab dubsmashes audio clip having his own voice

05, Jun 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. After repeated failed attempts to dubsmash audio clip, songs etc, Times Now editor in chief Arnab Goswami was today caught trying to dubsmash only his own voice.

Giving in to the peer pressure, Arnab had decided to do some dubsmashing early last week. But every time he tried, he would end up arguing or getting into a debate even with pre-recorded audios.

A satisfied Arnab after successfully dubsmashing himself.
A satisfied Arnab after successfully dubsmashing himself.

“Almost every time I tried dubsmashing, mili-seconds into the act, I found myself interrupting the voices I was trying to lip sync with stuff like “1 sec 1 sec everybody’, ‘NO NO You can’t get away so easily’,” Arnab told Faking News.

“And by the time I would realize that it is not a Newshour debate, the audio recording would be over,” he went on to add.

“That’s when I realized that I was a special man. That I was born with an ear that can listen to only myself,” Arnab argued as he played a Newshour debate in the background to dubsmash.

Arnab further feels that best part about dubsamshing his own videos is that, he can improvise and better the dominance and authority he displayed earlier.

“Not only this, they wont be those short 20-30 sec clips like others have made. Since my Newshour videos have only me speaking, I can go on to make a record for longest dubsmashed video ever,” Arnab said as he patted his back.

Meanwhile experts feel that besides himself Arnab can also think of dubsmashing Manmohan Singh.

“You can only interrupt someone who speaks,” pointed one such expert to Faking News.