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Unable to find any unrelated quotes, girl decides not to upload selfie on Facebook

22, Aug 2015 By misterp

Hyderabad. In a shocking incident, a girl who was foraging the Internet for unrelated quotes to put as caption on her new selfie was unable to find any such quote which she or her friends hadn’t already used in one of their picture uploads on Facebook. Distressed by this, she decided not to upload her selfie which she had clicked just after checking in the KFC washroom.

She could not upload such selfie.
She could not upload such selfie.

“What is the Internet coming to these days?” a visibly frustrated Afreen (name changed, or maybe not) snapped.

“All the sites I checked out had all the similar quotes related to freedom of women and equality and liberty. Some also had love and sexuality as their themes. Some innovative ones even had lines bashing dogs men. But I and all my girl friends have already used all these lines in the numerous pictures we upload every hour week. What is the use of so many quote sites if they cannot maintain an unlimited stock of quotes? How will I show off the new duckface pout I learned on internet to my friends?” she grumbled.

Friends and stalkers well-wishers rushed in to help after she put up a long Facebook post ranting about how she could not find any useful site for quotes. Last reported, she was still unable to find any unused quote, hence her picture was still not uploaded.