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Unable to make any joke on Nehra, depressed fans sign petition to include Dinda in IPL

28, Apr 2015 By indianpsycho

Chennai. Hardcore Ashish Nehra fans who were eagerly waiting for IPL to begin this year, to catch a glimpse of Nehra being taken to cleaners by batsmen, are now a depressed lot, half way through the season.

Unable to make any joke on him because of his uncharacteristically good performance for CSK this season, these fans have now decided to sign a petition demanding inclusion of Ashok Dinda in IPL.

Dinda celebrating after being hit for a four, instead of six.
Dinda celebrating after being hit for a four, instead of six.

Dinda, who went unsold this season, is the last hope of these fans, with Ishant Sharma also nursing an injury.

“Nehra’s performance this season has left nothing at all to be desired. I mean what’s wrong with him. He is topping wickets chart, when he should actually be topping jokes chart on Twitter,” said a Nehra fan, who fears Nehra’s legend may die a slow death if he doesn’t return to his true form. “He is simply trolling us back, for the jokes cracked on him all these years.”

“Yes, I agree his teeth are still going strong and are bit of a saving grace for fans like us. But we need the Nehra of old fold, bowling full tosses and getting hit out of park,” he added.

These fans have now threatened to boycott IPL if arrangements to make Dinda feature in playing 11 of any of the 8 teams are not made.

“I don’t think Mumbai Indians or Kings X1 Punjab should be shying away from taking Dinda him on board. He surely can’t make it more worse for them,” said another fan.