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Unable to stir enough outrage, Ponting now claims Nehra better than Akram

18, Jul 2013 By indianpsycho

Sydney, Australia. Ricky Ponting is not happy with the level of outrage his statement rating Brian Lara higher than Sachin Tendulkar could generate. To compensate, he has now claimed that Indian left arm pacer Ashish Nehra was better than Pakistani legend Wasim Akram.

“Just a few articles were written analyzing Punter’s statement. He was not issued any death threats, and no one burnt his effigy in India. It was all so boring,” a close aide of former Australian captain told Faking News.

Ashish Nehra
The greatest bowler of all time?

“Narendra Modi is the only thing that causes outrage these days and Punter couldn’t have issued any statement on Indian politics, so he chose Akram,” the aide further explained, “Pakistan has been outraging on everything of late. They even took objection to 16-year-old Malala addressing UN.”

It’s not yet known if any gunshots were fired in Pakistan to oppose Ponting, but in India, Nehra is overwhelmed.

“This is more than I can chew,” said the lanky pacer with well built teeth, “Even my mother never said such encouraging things about me. I think Ponting is the best cricket analyst, and a better batsman than Bradman.”

Social media was also abuzz with Ponting’s latest comment. One of highly shared Facebook post on this issue said: “Ponting’s act reminds me of LK Advani. After he rated Shivraj Singh Chauhan higher than Narendra Modi, he skipped the BJP meet by claiming upset stomach. This is all a ploy by Ponting to miss Champions League. Mumbai Indians management should rein him in.”