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Unscrupulous shopkeepers make a quick buck by selling oversized chickens as Turkeys to South Mumbai residents celebrating Thanksgiving

28, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

It’s Thanksgiving Day and like most parts of the US, residents of South Mumbai celebrated the day with roast Turkeys, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. Certain areas such as Malabar Hill and Napeansea road saw increased demand of Turkeys.


Shopkeepers in the area say that they have been flooded with requests for the animal since the last few and this ended up being the perfect recipe for unscrupulous shopkeepers to make a quick buck. Cops rounded up around 10 shop owners who were selling oversized chickens as Turkeys to unsuspecting South Mumbai residents.

“These chickens we given some supplements from a local gym to bulk up. They grew by three times their sizes and were later sold off at exorbitant prices. Many of these shopkeepers made as much money as some of those MLAs involved  in horse trading,” revealed a cop.

Experts belive that the problem lies in the way South Mumbai residents identify themselves as Americans. “US festivals and traditions are popular in South Mumbai as they are in the US. Christmas, Halloween and such other festivals are aped blindly without understanding their cultural significance or context. I have even seen these South Mumbai people come out of their house to cast vote for US Presidential elections. That needs to be remedied first and the problem with these dishonest shopkeepers would end by itself,” opined a well known sociologist.