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Vegetarian guy files restraining order against friend after being repeatedly asked to try non-veg

24, Jan 2018 By Akash Vadera

Ever since times immemorial there has been an unsaid divide between the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Vegetarians think non-vegetarians are stone-hearted and lack empathy for the speechless beings while non-vegetarians find vegetarians annoying. This war between veg and non-veg went one step ahead when Mumbai-based Mayur Sawale, a vegetarian, filed restraining order against his friend Jaspreet Bhalla, a hardcore non-vegetarian.Capture

Jaspreet is not allowed within 500 metres of Mayur. We got hold of Mayur and here’s what he had to say “It all started when I and Jaspreet became friends in our engineering college. Ever since then he used to ask me to try his chicken tandoori or butter chicken that he used to bring for lunch. I was satisfied with my veg kolhapuri and never felt the need to try non-veg. However, he was always adamant and forced me to try non-veg, especially chicken starters by saying ‘Paneer samajh ke khaa ja’ (Eat it as if it were paneer). I didn’t want to eat it thinking it was paneer. I didn’t want to eat it thinking it was anything. I just didn’t want to eat it. But Jaspreet never understood. Then last week he crossed all limits. He kept asking for whole 2 hours that what would happen if I ate non-veg by mistake and forced me to eat it ‘by mistake’. He almost fed chicken into my mouth. I sensed something is fishy. That is when I checked the restaurant bill and realised that all the dishes that were ordered were non-veg and that I had eaten non-veg chicken dish thinking it was paneer. I punched him and fumed out of there. My dad is a lawyer so he helped me file a restraining order against Jaspreet.”

There was Jaspreet’s side to this story as well. Here’s what he had to say “These vegetarians are Level 1 hypocrite. Mayur must have told you how I used to force him to try non-veg. But what he must not have told is that he eats egg and egg dishes and still calls himself vegetarian. My dad always used to say – Never trust egg eating vegetarians.”

This tussle between veg and non-veg has been going on for ages and there doesn’t seem to be a permanent solution anytime soon. Let’s now hope that this conflict between Mayur and Jaspreet resolves soon and they both start eating together again.