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Vijay Mallya behaves rudely in a local flight in UK, gets himself international flying ban of 20 years

07, May 2017 By RT

London: Dr. Vijay Mallya behaves rudely in a local flight in UK and finds himself grounded with international flying ban of 20 years, the UK media announced today. The ban will hugely dent the extradition hearings, the media further added.


“Dr. Mallya has always been one flight ahead of any plans of any government asking for extradition or conducting the extradition hearings. When Indian government wanted to stop him from flying out of India, he was already in a flight out of the country. When UK wants to put him in a flight to India, he gets himself a flying ban”, his close aide told Faking News.

“It was a simple yet quite effective plan. Firstly, we had to choose an airline which excels in customer service like United. We booked a first class ticket for the liquor baron. After Mr. Mallya boarded, he threw out every passenger out of their seats and there were nine passengers in all, in first class. For each count of offence he was rewarded with a 2 years ban, totaling to 18 years. Dr. Mallya gave it a finishing touch and had thrown out one of the pilots, to make it an even 20”, the aide suppressed his grin explaining the daring act of his chief.

Learning of the developments, the UK government is exploring options to include the terms of shipping someone out of the country as a result of extradition hearings, it is learnt by Faking News.

Meanwhile, the RCB overseas players are going to try their level best to get a travel ban out of their respective countries, prior to the next IPL season, so that they save themselves from any further embarrassments.