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Vijay Mallya to perform at IPL opening ceremony to earn some money

02, Apr 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Kolkata. Chairman of is-it-bankrupt-yet Kingfisher Airlines and owner of the IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Vijay Mallya is all set to perform at the IPL opening ceremony tonight, apparently to earn some money.

Mallya will use the money thus earned to pay off part of the pending salaries to Kingfisher Airlines employees, who have threatened to stop IPL matches featuring RCB if their dues were not cleared.

“Dr. Mallya and Sid have been keenly following Farah Khan on TV and have learnt the ‘dil jumping jepang jumpak jumpak’ dance steps by heart,” a source confirmed.

Sid Mallya, Farah Khan, Vijay Mallya
The performance by the father-son duo was originally planned as a surprise item during the opening ceremony, but sources leaked the information to Faking News.

Sources further reveal that the Mallyas agreed to perform for money so that the Kingfisher Airlines employees start believing that the family is really suffering and is short of cash.

“Earlier they had requested Justice Katju to write a letter highlighting their sufferings, but Katju declined to help as the matter was not political enough,” a source disclosed.

Unconfirmed sources tell Faking News that Sajid Khan is another surprise that IPL opening ceremony might throw up.

“He will join his sister in promoting IPL by telling people to watch T20 matches else they would be sent DVDs of Himmatwala at their homes,” an unreliable source claimed.