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Virar passengers given bravery award after thieves heading for Borivali fail to get down from the Virar train

17, Jan 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Virar-Borivali fight sometimes is more intense than the Indo-Pak fight. The abuses people hurl at each other in trains can easily be converted into an Anurag Kashyap script. Virar passengers never allow a Borivali passenger to make his way out at Borivali and it is a tedious task to travel in a Virar bound local. But some thieves, who were new to the city didn’t know about this norm and they had to face the consequences.


3-4 thieves had identified a shop in Borivali and made a plan to loot it during the night. They took a Virar train to reach Borivali but what happened afterward was a normal thing in Mumbai, they failed to get down at Borivali. All these things were revealed when the thieves were arrested by Mumbai police in connection with another robbery in the city. The said that they had planned many robberies in Borivali but never got a chance to implement the idea as they never got down from the train, kudos to the Virar passengers.

Virar passengers will be honored by the President for the bravery shown by them in decreasing crime in Borivali. After knowing about the story, the people from Borivali who used to abuse Virar passengers have started appreciating their effort for the well being of a Borivali resident.