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Vitthal Radadiya says he was teaching toll booth employee self-defense

09, Mar 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Gandhinagar. Former Congress leader Vitthal Radadiya, who was caught on camera flashing gun at a toll booth employee, today clarified that he had taken out the gun not to threaten the poor employee but to strengthen his resolve.

“That toll booth guy was looking very dejected, saying he was just an aam aadmi and couldn’t do anything to change things in India,” Radadiya, now a BJP member explained his past.

Radadiya has a new explanation

“I was telling him to take up arms and resist any injustice around,” Radadiya claimed, “I showed him my rifle and told him that real power didn’t lie in pistols but in people. At no point of time I threatened him. In fact, I told him to take up arms only for self-defense.”

“People in Gujarat are Gandhians, and I was just telling him to become a Gandhian with guns,” he added.

Radadiya blamed media of wrongly using the CCTV camera footage to insinuate that he was threatening the poll booth employee.

“Did media play sound in the CCTV clip? Without sound how can you be sure of what I was saying? I am not Manmohan Singh where sound doesn’t matter,” the former Congressman quipped.

When Faking News reminded Radadiya that five months back he didn’t say any such thing, rather he had claimed that he had acted in self-defense; the leader said that he stood by his original statement.

“Of course, I acted in self-defense to teach self-defense, there is no contradiction. A cricket coach will have to play a square-cut to teach square-cut!” he explained.