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Vyapam Scam to be declared endemic in MP by health ministry

01, Jul 2015 By indianpsycho

Bhopal. With Vyapam Scam related death toll reaching 44 yesterday, Union Health Ministry swung into action and declared the scam an endemic in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

“Over last few days we have seen more Vyapam related deaths than death from any other deadly disease. The Vyapam virus is now peaking in its form and things could only get worse from here,” Health Minister JP Nadda claimed.

Now an endemic!
Now an endemic!

“It is soon taking shape of an in house Ebola out here in MP and WHO may take notice of it soon,” he added.

As per health ministry, though there is no vaccination available currently to counter this endemic, but they are preparing some guidelines on how people in MP can save their lives.

As a precautionary exercise, they have advised accused and those having know how about anything to do with the scam to flee the state or go as much underground as possible.

Meanwhile MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan took to twitter and congratulated those in the state who were still alive and also claimed that though it was a scam but it is different and much better scam from all past scams under UPA’s rule.

“Vyapam Scam has become then trendsetting scam where whistle-blowers and others don’t have to wait for court of law to give punishment to the accused. There is some sort of divine intervention and punishments are being naturally taken care of,” Shivraj told Faking News.