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Wagon R owner reaches govt office to surrender gas subsidy, govt rejects plea saying he is poor and should keep it

13, Jun 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Modi had launched a personal appeal to those who were taking subsidized cooking gas cylinders last year, saying they should give up the subsidy to help the really needy. His appeal had resulted in about a crore Indians (out of the roughly 17 crore households which used this subsidy) to give it up. 1_578_872_0_70_http___cdni.autocarindia.com_autocar_New Maruti Suzuki WagonR (5)

And people are still returning their cylinders on a daily basis. Some are also taking back their subsidy as they believe that they deserve it. But in a shocking incident, Shwetank Srivastava was rejected when he went to give back his subsidized cylinder and the reason was that he owned a Wagon R.

Wagon R sales has been growing like anything in the country. Every 4th or 5th car in the country is Wagon R. And the rising sales has impacted the image of the owner of the car. It is seen a an easily owned car. Shwetank was seen as a poor man by the government authorities when he went to give his subsidy.

In fact,the official who was handling Shwetank’s case was seen sympathizing with Shwetank. Even after repeated rants of Shwetank about how rich he is, the official didn’t hear his single word.