Wednesday, 1st April, 2020


I watch clippings of debates on Indian news channels, it gets me charged up before key matches: Kohli speaks on his on-field aggression

02, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

The post-match interaction with the press once again saw Kohli giving his piece of mind to reporters. During the interaction, a reporter questioned the Indian skipper if he should consider toning down his on-field aggression to serve as an example to youngsters. That did not go down well with Kohli, who snapped back with ‘first tone down the aggression in your news debates’.


Sources say that the aforementioned news reporter was from Republic TV and Kohli to take jibes at the channel. “Kabhi apne editor-in-cheif Arnab se nh poocho. Itna aggressive kyu rehta hai hamesha. Aisa lagta hai gusse se phat jayega,” he said while speaking at the press conference.

In fact, Kohli even admitted to watching debates on news channels to get fired up before key matches. “Every player follows a routine just before any big event. To get into that frame of mind. I like being aggressive and charged up. And to do that, I watch TV debates. The screaming, shouting, abuses and name calling that you see on news channels really gets me fired up,” he revealed.