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West Indies players celebrate disqualification from Champions Trophy, happy at getting more time to prepare for IPL

01, Oct 2015 By indianpsycho

Port of Spain. The failure to qualify for Champions Trophy 2017 has resulted in a wave of celebrations among West Indies players.

Players claim that the unexpected break from the event would give them enough time to regroup mentally as well as physically before the much important IPL 2018.

Breaking into a jig
Breaking into a jig

“It will be a much needed break from our monotonous international calendar,” claimed Dwayne Bravo.

When pointed that his last international game was way back in 2013, he said he was concerned about his colleagues before giving our reporter a send off.

Senior batsmen Chris Gayle too opened up champagne to celebrate.

“Let’s be honest mate. IPL is the real test of a cricketer’s ability. Cheers!” he said, “And who knows while playing this CT, I could have ended up getting an injury, thereby putting my participation in IPL doubtful.”

“I am sure with little more effort, we can get ourselves disqualified from other world events  and have a single minded focus of doing well in IPL,” he hoped.

Players further argue that they may have failed to qualify in CT, but they will successfully qualify in the latest millionaire cricketer rankings.

“As long as we are not disqualified from the IPL auction list like Pakistani players, we are perfectly fine with all other sorts of disqualifications,” said Pollard.