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WikiLeaks leaks world map showing Ecuador ten times bigger than UK

16, Aug 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

London, UK. After Ecuador, widely believed to be a small country located in the South America, granted political asylum to Julian Assange, WikiLeaks released a secret atlas that showed Ecuador at least ten times bigger than UK in size.

“This is the reality that was hidden from you for all these centuries,” a statement by WikiLeaks read, “Ecuador is no small nation. It’s ten times bigger than UK, which is bending over backwards to please the USA.”

Ecuador is now ten times bigger through the lenses of WikiLeaks

While UK and USA have both rejected the leaked world map by WikiLeaks, various groups and millions of internet users have already accepted the new map. Numerous attempts were made to change info on Wikipedia, which led to articles on Ecuador and UK being locked for editing.

The leaked world map in fact shows parts of UK as belonging to Ecuador, which has angered UK further.

“People already are super confused over what all comes under United Kingdom, Great Britain, or England,” British Prime Minister David Cameron told Faking News, “This will further add to confusion and destroy the general knowledge of people.”

“WikiLeaks earlier destroyed the knowledge of History and now they are targeting Geography,” he claimed.

Cameron maintained that the embassy of Ecuador was well within the sovereign land of UK and Assange could still be arrested, even though the new map leaked by WikiLeaks showed London as a part of Ecuador.

“We have pwned your land, and you too, UK,” Foreign Minister of Ecuador said, reacting to the latest developments.